Self Belay

The Self Belay is an innovative patent-awarded climbing connector which increases safety and eases operation in climbing centers. First introduced in Family Entertainment and Adventure centers, over the years the Self Belay proved just as useful in traditional Climbing Gyms and Trampoline parks. 

On Belay

The OnBelay is an air-over-hydraulic auto belay device that eliminates the need of a belayer when climbing. Utilizing a system used in military aircrafts, The OnBelay automatically retracts the cable rope when the climber ascends, and controls the speed when they descend off the wall.


The Rollglider is an aerial roller coaster-zip line, inspired by the dream of free flying but in a completely safe environment. Each Rollglider we create offers a unique flying experience, with the Extreme version featuring a speed of up to 50km/h.

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