On Belay

The OnBelay is an air-over-hydraulic auto belay device that eliminates the need of a belayer when climbing. 

Increases throughput
The OnBelay increases throughput by reducing the time needed for one climb compared to manual belaying.

Minimizes the risk of injuries caused by human error
Auto-belaying precludes the risks and errors that can arise when manual belaying a person including clipping errors.

Attracts more solo and beginner climbers
Being able to climb individually gives climbers the opportunity to have individual training especially when one is just starting to climb.

Reduces the needed staff and operational costs
The OnBelay reduces the staff needed as it allows climbers to climb on their own without any additional assistance.

The OnBelay device

Utilizing a system used in military aircrafts, The OnBelay automatically retracts the cable rope when the climber ascends, and controls the speed when they descend off the wall. It features a one of a kind system of Self-Adjusting Speed Limiting Valves that descends users safely at a consistent speed of 1m/s, regardless of external factors like temperature or body weight.



  • CE certified
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Redundancy in the event of:
  • Loss of pressure in the tank – sound and light alarm system option
  • Loss of up to 50% of the hydraulic fluid
  • Malfunction of one of the hydraulic cylinders


How it works?

  • The OnBelay autobelay is an air-over-hydraulics unit that consists of body, hydraulic rams, pulleys, pressurized tank and a steel cable. The Onbelay autobelay is mounted behind the climbing wall and the steel cable is guided above and in front of the climbing wall through pulleys on a davit.
  • The climber is attached to the steel cable by means of a certified connector.
  • When the climber ascends – the pressure in the tank forces the fluid into the pistons thus retracting them through
    series of pulleys.
  • When the climber falls or descends, the created pull forces the hydraulic fluid out through an orifice thus limiting the descent speed to approximately 1 m/s regardless of the climber’s weight. The forced hydraulic fluid then goes into the pressurized tank.


Tech Specifications:

  • Cable: Steel cable DIN3069
  • Safe Load: 1 person
  • Min. user weight: 25 kg (55 lb)
  • Max. user weight: 125 kg (275 lb)
  • Max retract speed: 1.5 m/s (5’/s)
  • Descend speed: 1 m/s (3’3’’/s)
  • Brake: Air-over-hydraulic system with 2 pistons and orifice check valve

Additional Information

Included in the On Belay Set:

1 OnBelay Device

1 Cable

1 Belay Monitor

Initial Warranty: 1 year + 1 additional year after re-certification

Minimum downtime – maintenance is done on the spot with no need for shipment of the OnBelay for re-certification

Onbelay 8: 2000x160x390 mm, 60 kg
Onbelay 11: 2500x160x390 mm. 75 kg
Onbelay 14: 3125x160x390 mm, 100kg
Onbelay 17: 2500x230x390 mm, 85kg

Delivery Quote will be provided upon Check Out

OnBelay Annual Re-Certification

The OnBelay Annual Re-certification Program is part of the OnBelay Annual Maintenance Program. The re-certification process will ensure compliance with the safety standards, safe operation and additional warranty for 1 year. As the maintenance is done on site there is no need for sending the devices back to us for maintenance.

OnBelay Maintenance Trainings

The OnBelay Maintenance Training aims to teach you how to service the devices in your venue. It is carried out by our Engineers and Maintenance specialists either in our Production Facility in Bulgaria or at your own venue. The Training Program is the same in  both cases and covers all aspects of the OnBelay Maintenace and Usage and includes both Theoretical and Practical Modules.

The OnBelay Maintenance Training is carried out in our Production Facility in Bulgaria every three months by our Engineers and Maintenance Specialists. There are both Group and Individual trainings available.

The next Group Training Session will be carried out on November 30th in Bulgaria. Please find the Program below

The Maintenance training can be carried out for your staff at your own venue at your convenience. The Training takes 2 days and can be arranged so not to disturb the normal operation of the venue. You can find the Training Program in the tab below.

For more details and to arrange a training please contact us at support@safetyeng.eu or click the button below.


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III. Maintenance

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