The Rollglider is an aerial roller coaster-zip line, inspired by the dream of free flying but in a completely safe environment. The ride features three variations – Extreme, Panoramic and Transport with three unique flying experiences

Extreme Rollglider


The Extreme Rollglider is the perfect ride for people who seek and unknown and thrilling emotion. With speeds that can exceed 50 km/h and various riding experiences, it is set to become an anchor attraction in any venue. The ride features a harnessed or hard seat option depending on the track inclination and speed. Variety of automation systems lower the staff and footprint requirements by connecting the Start and Finish platforms of the ride.

  • Speed exceeding 50 km/h
  • Capacity: Up to 120 ppl/h
  • Variety of ride experiences

Panoramic Rollglider


The Panoramic Rollglider is a gravity ride designed for sightseeing and observation. It allows people to fully experience the beauty of the scenery while flying through forests and above slopes or around architectural wonders.It utilizes a gravity propelled trolley with an uniform top speed. The ride can be completely suspended on trees or self-standing and features all automations available for the Extreme Rollglider.

  • Speed up to 10 km/h
  • Capacity: Up to 180 ppl/h per line
  • Lower staffing requirements